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photo of Captain Baumann
Captain John F. Baumann
Special Operations Commander

Troop F Special Operations is commanded by Captain John F. Baumann. Special Operations is comprised of seven traffic homicide investigators (Corporals) and one sergeant in the North District and eight traffic homicide investigators and one sergeant in the South District. Special Operations also includes seven contraband interdiction troopers, one sergeant and three K9’s.

The Troop F traffic homicide investigation squads respond to traffic crashes involving all types of traffic related fatalities. All traffic homicide investigators hold the rank of Corporal and are on call during nighttime and off duty hours and are often called on to respond to crash scenes at all hours of the day or night. The Corporals that make up the traffic homicide squads receive extensive training in traffic accident investigation, commercial motor vehicle accident investigation, motor vehicle accident photography as well as attending many advanced traffic accident reconstruction courses. Traffic homicide investigators each have the responsibility of collecting all available evidence at crash scenes and securing as well as processing the evidence for future criminal court requirements. The results of traffic homicide investigations are used by the local State Attorney's Office to prosecute criminal charges such as DUI Manslaughter, Vehicular Manslaughter, as well as routine civil traffic infractions. The members of Troop F's traffic homicide investigation squads are a well-trained dedicated group of officers who take pride in assuring professional results for the citizens of the State of Florida. Last year, in the ten county area, Troop F's homicide traffic investigators investigated the deaths of over 300 traffic crash victims.

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The Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU) is an important function of the Florida Highway Patrol and to the citizens of the State of Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol is tasked by Florida State Statute with many facets of law enforcement. One of the many tasks is to intercept or interdict, those persons endeavoring to transport or traffic in illegal contraband, stolen property, and weapons on our highway. In an effort to fulfill our mandated requirements Troop F currently has three (3) criminal interdiction teams. The Florida Highway Patrol recognizes the danger and difficulty in dealing with this type of criminal offender and encourages the team concept. Consequently, each team is comprised of a Canine Handler, his canine partner, and a Criminal Interdiction Officer (Trooper). The Troop F Criminal Interdiction teams are responsible for a ten (10) county Troop. The Criminal Interdiction Teams complete their mission by rigorous and high volume traffic stops in an effort to enforce the traffic laws of Florida.

Before a canine handler can begin his patrol efforts he /she must first complete a 400 hour course with his canine partner. Then a second phase of training may range from 100 hours to 250 hours of drug training. In addition to the initial training, countless hours of specialized training are required to assure that the ever-changing laws regarding search and seizure are adhered to. The teams are on call 24 hours a day and are often tasked with the added responsibility to assist other agencies, which include the Department of Corrections, Sheriff's Offices, Police Departments, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, and U.S. Customs.

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