April 26, 2011


TO:                  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:             Sandra C. Lambert, Interim Director

                        Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:         April 2011 FRVIS Release


            The statewide April Release is scheduled for download this weekend for use in offices on Saturday, April 30 or Monday May 2, 2011. 


            Attached is a copy of the modification log for you to review and familiarize yourself with before the release.  The modification log is a helpful tool for understanding FRVIS changes.


            If you encounter any problems related to the release, please check the FRVIS Release Issue Board to determine if someone has already reported the problem.  If so, you may find a work-around.  If the problem is not on the log and you still have questions, please call your Field Support Center Representative.
























1.      When the effective date pre-filled by the system will result in an expired decal being issued, a warning message will be displayed. The user will be allowed to change the effective date or continue with the issuance of the expired decal.


2.      When using the High Speed renewal system, an error will be generated when an attempt is made to renew a registration with the registration use of TT (temporary transfer).


3.      During a Renewal transaction, when an expired registration that is within its renewal period is being renewed, the system will now provide the option to choose between the most recent expiration date, the next expiration date , and 2 years from the most recent expiration date.


4.      When there is no lien against the vehicle, the Print Electronic Title transaction will now allow the user to choose to have the title mailed to an existing mail-to address, the owner’s address, or a mail-to address entered during the Print Electronic Title transaction. 


5.      Documents supporting the Add or Satisfy of a Stop will be imaged.  To view these images, retrieve the stop record using Miscellaneous/Inquiry/Stop. From the menu, choose Scan and then chose Scan from the dropdown box.


6.      When an electronic lien is satisfied, the title will remain electronic and be available immediately for printing or additional processing.


7.      The  following changes were made to the ETR system:

a.      It will not allow 3 consecutive temporary plates to be issued to the same vehicle no matter how many different customers were issued the plate.

b.      It will not allow a plate to be issued or transferred to a vehicle that has a current stolen stop against it.

c.       It will verify that the configuration of any 17 character VIN being added to the Florida database is correct for the embedded check digit.

d.      It will return the county of residence with the customer data when a customer search is submitted for an individual or business customer


8.      When the final lien against a vehicle is satisfied, the system will offer the option to retain the title as an electronic title. If the title is not retained electronically, the $2.50 Paper Title S&H fee will be charged. When the final lien is satisfied during a Title Correction transaction, if the title is not retained electronically, the user must choose whether or not the Paper Title S&H fee should be charged.


9.      The system was failing to charge sales tax during an Original Registration transaction when there was no title on the vehicle and a Disabled Veteran plate was issued with a registration-use of MI.  This has been corrected.




10.  The Registration Transfer and Transfer of Vessel/Vehicle Registration Ownership transactions were allowing a biennial registration to be renewed prior to the final 3 months of the registration period. This has been corrected.


11.  The owner unit number entered during a title transaction is now required to be alphanumeric. Special characters are not allowed in this field.


12.  The following verbiage was added to a Certificate of Destruction: ‘Pursuant to s.713.78(11), F.S., the entity listed below in the Second Reassignment must dismantle or destroy the vehicle.’


13.  Fees for issuance and replacement of fleet plates have been corrected.


14.  The address of the reporting agency will now be shown on a Vehicle Stop Inquiry when the reporting agency is a Motorist Services Regional Office.