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To:  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From:    Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject:  Dealer Reassignments and Form HSMV 82994

Advisory Date:  02/19/10                              Implementation Date:  Immediately                                   

Advisory Number:    T10-01



                        Recently we have seen more incidents of dealers jumping off the title incorrectly and using form HSMV 82994, Motor Vehicle Title Reassignment Supplement, to reassign a conforming Florida certificate of title.  As a reminder, our Quality Review Unit is identifying these cases and including them on the agency’s error report.


Please remember that dealer reassignments for non-exempt vehicles must be made on the reverse side of the certificate of title until all the available spaces have been used.  After all spaces on the back of the title certificate have been used, then the dealer may use form HSMV 82994 to reassign a title.


Section 319.23(7)(d), Florida Statutes, provides that if a dealer jumps off the title before all spaces are filled and uses form HSMV 82994, then that dealer must take title in its name.


We appreciate your help ensuring that these transaction types are done correctly.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your Field

Support Center Help Desk Representative.