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May 17, 2010


TO:                  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:            Carl A. Ford, Director

                        Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:      GMAC Changing Business Name to Ally


GMAC will change its name to Ally effective July 19, 2010.  From this date forward, GMAC automotive dealers will use Ally Financial Services as their lienholder.  This name change will affect all parties involved with titling vehicles.


Although the business name will change, addresses and tax identification numbers will remain the same, and the company will continue to securitize its lease assets using VAULT (Vehicle Asset Universal Leasing Trust, Vault Trust, or Vault Entity) where applicable. 


Additionally, the company may still conduct business under the GMAC name.  Therefore, you should continue to accept VAULT, GMAC, ALLY Financial, ALLY Bank, or ALLY Capital for title and registration documents. 


Please see the list below for all acceptable licensed names:


GMAC                                    Ally Financial

GMAC Inc.                             Ally Bank

GMACFS                               Ally Capital

GMAC Financial Services


            If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your Field Support Center Help Desk.