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July 17, 2009


TO:                 Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:           Carl A. Ford, Director

                        Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:      The Motor Vehicle (MV) Stage Database Will Replace the Current Alpha Test Database


Effective July 27, 2009, the current FRVIS test database (alpha) will be removed from service and replaced with a motor vehicle stage database (mvstage).  The stage database was created to provide a more accurate representation of the production database.  It originated as a “snapshot” of the production database, which was taken back in January of 2008.  Any production transactions occurring after January 2008 will not be in the new stage database.  (To protect sensitive data, certain fields like the social security number have since been changed.)


Because the entire inventory currently exists in bins only in the alpha database, we will delete all issuable inventory from the user bins when we switch to the stage database.  Before you perform test transactions that issue inventory against the new stage database, you will need to contact the DMV Help Desk.  A representative will assist you by adding inventory to your agency.


                        If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact your Help Desk Representative.