To:  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From:  Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject:  New Registration Decals and Datamax Printers

Advisory Date:  07/21/08                              Implementation Date:  August 1, 2008

Advisory Number:    R08-14



                        The department has entered into an agreement with PRIDE to manufacture the new registration decals for the Samsung printers.  We expect to receive the first shipment of decals the first week of August 2008.  The first shipment is a limited shipment.  Therefore, the department will not be able to fill all orders with the new decals.  However, PRIDE expects to increase its weekly shipments through the month of August reaching the capacity required by mid-September.


As the department receives orders, we will fill them with old decal stock until we deplete that stock.  You may request a small amount of the new decal stock or the 3M decal stock at the same time to prepare for switching your entire office.


As a reminder, counties should continue using the old decal stock until it is gone.  However, we recommend that counties reserve a portion of the old decal stock for EFS dealers in their county until the EFS System is modified for the new decal stock.  The department recommends that you reserve enough stock for EFS dealers to last through the end of October 2008.


                        To make the transition as smooth as possible, when your old decal stock is nearly gone, the department recommends that you begin switching a few workstations to use the 3M decals that require the special 3M toner.  Once again, use the 3M decal stock until it is gone before switching to the new decals manufactured by PRIDE.  The department has a limited supply of the 3M decals and toner available if counties need some to hold them over until the new decals arrive.  The new PRIDE stock does not require the special toner, but it does require Samsung OEM toner.  However, if you have any special toner remaining after depleting your 3M decal stock, you can use it for printing the PRIDE decals.


                        Once most of your old decal and 3M decal stock is gone, you may switch to using the new decal solution.  The department recommends starting the switch before you exhaust all your old decals or 3M decals.  This should reduce the impact to your office. 


For information on how to switch to printing decals from the Samsung printers, refer to the Help Desk Newsletter for Spring/Summer 2007 at the following link:


As a precaution, please maintain the Datamax printers in your offices until the end of September 2008.  If we do not experience issues with the new decal solution, then you may dispose of the Datamax printers.  Originally, the department asked for the counties to ship the Datamax printers back to HP.  However, the value of these printers does not warrant such action.  Therefore, the department requests that you dispose of these printers using appropriate county procedures and being environmentally conscious. 


Special thanks go to Laurel Whitney from Pinellas County for her participation on the review committee during the process of acquiring the new decal solution.


                        If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your Tax Collector Help Desk Representative.