To:  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From:  Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject:  Mail-To Customer/Address

Advisory Date:  06/17/08      Implementation Date:  Immediately                                   

Advisory Number:    R08-10



            A customer will now be allowed to choose to mail his/her title and/or registration documents to a different customer’s mailing address, other than his own, OR to a mail-to/alternate address different than the mailing address on his/her customer record.  Parking Permit transactions will only allow the customer to choose a mail-to address.  Use of the mail-to address will eliminate the need to create customer records that may later be falsely used as the correct owner or registrant.


            When selecting a ‘Mail-to customer,’ the title or registration will be mailed to a completely different customer other than what is shown on the record.  When selecting a ‘Mail-to address,’ the title/registration or parking permit will be mailed to the customer on record at a different address. 


            Whenever a mail-to customer or mail-to address is used in a registration or parking permit transaction, it must be designated as ‘One Time Only’ or ‘Recurring’.  A ‘Mail-to customer or Mail-to address’ that is used in title transactions are always ‘One Time Only’.  A registration that is identified as a recurring mail-to address or mail-to customer will be used on every subsequent transaction until it is removed.  A parking permit is only allowed a mail-to address, NOT a mail-to customer.  If the parking permit has a ‘Recurring’ mail-to address, that address will be used on every subsequent transaction until it is removed.


            In order to select a mail-to customer or alternate mailing address, the ‘Mail-To’ button on the fee screen must be selected.  When processing a registration or parking permit transaction, a message will remind the user when an existing recurring mail-to customer’s address exists and allow him to use it again during the transaction or remove it from that particular registration or parking permit.  If the existing mail-to customer’s address is removed, a different mail-to customer’s address can be added by pressing the Mail-to button on the fee screen, if applicable.


            To view the different mail-to addresses that a customer has available to use from previous registrations, title, or parking permit transactions, perform a Customer Inquiry and choose the Mail-to address option under MENU.  Within the Customer Inquiry, a check beside the MORE button indicates that this address is currently being used as a ‘recurring’ mail-to address on one or more registrations.  Press the MORE button to see which registrations have this address as a recurring mail-to address.







            To remove a mail-to address from a customer’s record that has become obsolete, begin a Customer Maintenance transaction and choose the Mail-to option under MENU.  This can also be used to remove an existing recurring mail-to address from a particular registration or parking permit.  Before removing a ‘recurring’ mail-to address, it must first be removed from all registrations where it is currently being used.  To do this, press the MORE button and place a check beside each registration and parking permit where the recurring mail-to address should no longer be used.


            The mail-to customer/address used in the most recent transaction can be viewed during a title, registration, or parking permit inquiry.  The mail-to customer/address can also be viewed in the history inquiry where it was applied.


                        If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your Tax Collector Help Desk Representative.