To:  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From:  Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject:  Print-On-Demand Temporary Plates

Advisory Date:  06/17/08                  Implementation Date:  Immediately           

Advisory Number:    R08-09



Print-on-Demand (POD) temporary plates can now be issued throughout the FRVIS application by entering the license plate code of TDL for auto plates or TML for motorcycle plates.  These plates will print from the manual feed tray of the printer, and no special toner is required to issue POD plates.  If your agency does not receive the new POD stock by July 1, 2008, please continue to use the pre-printed temporary plate stock and entering the information in FRVIS until your office receives the new stock.


                        New legislation requires temporary license plates to be displayed in the rear license plate bracket.  On vehicles requiring front display of license plates, temporary license plates must be displayed on the front of the vehicle in the location where the metal license plate would normally be displayed.


Because TEM and TMM plates might need to be issued on rare occasions, these license plate codes cannot be removed from the system.  To help you adjust to using the new license plate codes, whenever TEM or TMM are used as the license plate type, a message will remind you of the new license plate codes and ask if you really want to use these old codes.


The following steps must be followed to prepare for printing the Print on Demand plates:


1.                  Add a ‘TEMP PLATE” printer to Printer Maintenance.  ‘TOP’ is the preferred choice for logical.

2.                  Add a ‘TEMP PLATE” printer to any profile that will be issuing POD plates.

3.                  Add ‘TOP’ to the Logical-to-Physical for each user if it is not already there.


A new transaction, DEALER ETR, will allow an agency to issue a Print on Demand plate for a dealer.  It will also allow you to update the registration information associated with a TEM or TMM previously issued by a dealer when his POD application was not in service.  This transaction works essentially like an Original Registration except that a dealer license number and PIN will be required before the transaction can be completed.  For Print on Demand plates issued for a dealer, the $2 Temporary Plate fee, the $2.50 Service fee, and the $0.50 Branch fee (if applicable) are charged.  When updating registration information when a dealer issues a TEM or TMM plate, the $2.50 Service fee and the $0.50 Branch fee (if applicable) are charged.







To issue a Print on Demand plate using the DEALER ETR transaction, use TDL or TML as the license plate code and do not enter a license plate number.  Insert the POD stock into the manual feed tray of the printer face up with the blank portion on the left.  If you do not use the manual feed as recommended and use the middle or bottom tray, then place the POD stock face down with the blank portion on the left.  The temporary plate will be printed showing the dealer license number of the dealer for whom the plate is being issued.


To update the database with the registration information associated with a TEM or TMM hand-issued by a dealer, enter the license plate code and configuration that was issued.  No plate will be printed when the transaction is used in this manner.


The following rules applied by the FRVIS application during the Dealer ETR transaction may be different from rules applied when issuing a dealer temporary plate from a different FRVIS transaction:

1.                  An existing Florida title must be marked sold or cancelled for reasons of “Out of State” or “Non-Delivery” before the temporary plate can be issued.

2.                  A Dealer ETR transaction may only be voided on the SAME day that it was performed.

3.                  A valid dealer license number and PIN are required.

4.                  Only two dealer temporary plates can be issued to the same VIN for the same customer.

5.                  When issuing a second dealer temporary plate to the same VIN on the same day, the transaction where the first temporary plate was issued must be voided.

6.                  A second dealer temporary plate can be issued to the same VIN and customer only by the SAME dealership.

7.                  A dealer temporary plate cannot be issued to a vehicle titled with a salvage type.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your Tax Collector Help Desk Representative.