To:  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From:  Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject:  Synchronizing Address With Driver License Customer File

Advisory Date:  06/19/08      Implementation Date:  Immediately                                   

Advisory Number:    T08-03





                        Changes made to a customer record on the Motor Vehicle database will be systematically updated to the Driver License customer file and vice versa.  In the near future, FRVIS users will no longer be allowed to modify the personal information on a customer record that contains a driver license number.  First name, middle name, last name, name suffix, sex, date of birth, the sexual predator flag, and the career offender flag may only be modified on these records through the Driver License FDLIS application. 


                        To synchronize these two files, in every transaction where the owner/registrant’s mailing address on the MV customer file is different from that on the DL customer file, the screen will display both mailing addresses and ask you to choose the correct one.  You may select DL Address, MV Address, or Neither.  The list below includes some differences to look for.


1)         The last four digits of the zip code are missing in one address.

2)         Punctuation differences between the two addresses.

3)         Abbreviations used in one address but not the other.

4)         Spelling errors.


                        Choose the address, which is the closest match to the correct address.  If you choose ‘Neither’, the address screen will display the current “MV Address.”  Regardless of which option you choose, you may edit the address that appears, and both customer files will update with your corrections. 


                        Additionally, the system will prompt you to synchronize the residence address in a similar manner.  If the MV customer record does not include a residence address, the screen will display the DL residence address and ask if it is correct.  If you do not know the residence address, answer YES so you will not erase the residence address from the DL customer file.  Only answer NO when the customer is available to provide you with a corrected residence address.


                        When a customer with a driver license number requests a mailing address change, the system will ask if the customer wants a new driver license or ID card printed for an additional $10 fee.  When answering YES to this question, the system will create a separate Driver License Print (DLP) transaction.  Additionally, a partially completed 82041 will print as a receipt with DRIVER LICENSE PRINT in the action requested box.  If the DLP is performed as part of another FRVIS transaction, it will be added to the open batch.  If you perform a DLP during a Maintain Customer transaction, this will create a new batch that you need to cashier.  If the customer has both a driver license and an ID card, the system will ask if you want to print the driver license and then ask about printing the ID card.  If you answer YES to both questions, the DLP transaction will charge/cost $20.  The Driver License and/or ID card will be printed centrally by DHSMV and mailed to the customer. 


            Voiding the DLP transaction will cancel the printing of the driver license or ID card; however, it will not reset the address in the MV or DL database back to the address that was on record prior to the transaction.  


            If you answer NO to the question about printing a new driver license or ID card for the customer, you will still update the address changes to the Driver License customer file.  Remember to inform the customer that he or she will be driving with a driver license that looks different from the official record law enforcement has.


            If you synchronize the addresses but you do not complete the transaction, neither the MV nor the DL customer file will have the address update.  However, if you synchronize the addresses and later VOID the transaction, the address synchronization will remain intact.  Depending on where you exited the transaction, if the Driver License Print receipt prints, you should discard it.


            The Division of Driver Licenses has certain requirements you must follow when making changes to the address of certain types of individuals.  If you try to change the address of one of these customers, you will receive a message stating, “Customer’s address can only be changed at a Driver License office.”  Please refer this customer to a driver license office to correct and synchronize the customer’s address on the MV customer file.