September 25, 2008


TO:                              Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:                        Carl A. Ford, Director

                                    Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:                  October 2008 FRVIS Release


            The October Release was sent to all test sites on September 17, 2008.  The statewide release is scheduled for download the weekend of September 27, 2008. 


            Attached is a copy of the modification log that you should read over and familiarize yourselves with prior to the release.  The modification log is a tremendous help in understanding the changes in FRVIS. 


            If you encounter any problems related to the release, please check the FRVIS Release Issues Board to determine if the problem has already been reported, and if so, if there is a work-around.  If the problem is not on the log and you still have questions, please call your Help Desk Representative. 



















1)      A new plate has been added to the system that has regular sheeting and the state motto, IN GOD WE TRUST.  The license plate codes for this plate are RMR and RMP.  This plate may be used on any registration where the Sunshine State plate (RGS/RGP) or the plate with the county name at the bottom (RGR) may be used.  There are no specialty fees associated with this plate.  The personalized configuration for this plate may have up to 7 characters and a space or dash.


2)      The following four new specialty plates have been added to the system.  Each plate charges a $25.00 specialty fee.  The personalized configuration for each of these plates is limited to 5 characters.  Inventory for these plates will be available soon.

Play Tennis (TNR, TNP, TNA)

Visit Our Lights (LHR, LHP, LHA)

Horse Country (HRR, HRP, HRA)

In God We Trust (IGR, IGP, IGA)


3)      Two new voluntary fees have been added to the system, Family First Foundation and State Homes for Veterans.  Contributions to the Election Campaign Finance TF may no longer be collected beginning on Oct 1, 2008.  The name of the voluntary Non-Game Wildlife Trust Fund has been changed to Support Wildlife.  These changes have also been made for Internet renewals.  The list of voluntary fees has been changed to appear in alphabetical order in the FRVIS application.


4)      The Dest/Reposs menu option under Titles has been changed to include Derelict Vehicles.  Two new transactions were added under this menu option, Derelict Vehicle Certificate and Duplicate Derelict Vehicle Certificate.  A Derelict Vehicle Certificate (DVC) may be issued to any type of vehicle except a vessel, as long as it is at least 10 years old.  Only a licensed Florida Salvage Dealer or a metal recycler may apply for a DVC.  The transaction will require a PIN and either the SD license number or the metal recycler certificate number.  When a DVC is issued for an existing Florida title, the title will be cancelled with reason of derelict vehicle.  If a DVC is being issued for a vehicle that is not titled in Florida, after the vehicle is created, the system will assign a title number and make the status of the title Cancelled for reason of derelict vehicle.  The fees charged when a DVC is issued are $3 Derelict Vehicle fee, $2.50 Service and $ .50 Branch fee.  The DVC will be printed on plain paper.  When a title has been cancelled for reason of derelict vehicle, no other title work will be allowed unless the title is reinstated.  A Salvage Dealer may change his PIN by contacting his regional office.  If a metal recycler wants to have his PIN changed, he will contact a tax collector agency who will then call the DMV Help Desk to request the PIN be changed to whatever numeric value is desired by the metal recycler.


5)      The following changes were made to the Dealer ETR transaction.  These changes are not yet available in the applications provided by the vendors.

a)      The expiration date of the temporary plate will be calculated from the effective date instead of from the transaction date.

b)      Proof of insurance will be required in the same situations where insurance is currently required for a non-temporary plate.

c)      A Dealer ETR transaction will be allowed on a vehicle with an in-house make.

d)      During the ETR transaction, you will not be required to enter a value for any unit fields that are missing (net weight, GVW, length, BHP, or cc).

e)      You can no longer issue a 2nd temporary plate to the same VIN on the same day.  The transaction where the 1st temporary plate was issued must be voided.

f)       There is no limit to the number of temporary plates that may be issued to a particular vehicle if the dealer associated with the temporary plate issuance is the registrant on the vehicle.


6)      A separate renewal file for delinquent mobile homes may now be requested.  This file will contain all mobile homes registered in your county that have an expired registration unless the registration has been cancelled or detached.  The renewal amount listed will equal the amount for renewal for the current year plus up to 2 years of back taxes and penalties.  If the mobile home is more than 2 years delinquent, the renewal amount will be blank.  Each county may choose its own message to have printed when the renewal amount is blank.


7)      The plate name and associated fee code for the BCR, BCP, and BCA plates have been changed to Bethune-Cookman University.


8)      The Unaccounted Plate fee that gets charged during a Miscellaneous Revenue/Owed by Agency transaction will increase to $12 on October 1, 2008.


9)      An agency will now be allowed to change the inventory status of an unused plate returned by an EFS dealer from RS to RT without obtaining assistance from the HELPDESK.


10)  The new image for the Manatee plate has been added to the Personalized Reservation.


11)  The following changes have been made to the renewal notice file:

a)      For counties that do not charge branch and/or service fee, a message has been added stating ‘Additional fees may apply to Internet or Phone renewals’.

b)      When the registration is supposed to expire in the birth month of the primary registrant, but the expiration month and birth month do not match, the renewal amount listed will be $0.00 and a message to ‘See your local tax collector’ will be added. 

c)      When the primary registrant is a business customer, if his customer record contains a FEID, it will be included with his renewal data.


12)  Branch fee was added to the fee amount on the renewal notifications for Baker county beginning with the October renewal file.


13)  The local option sales tax was extended in Charlotte County through December 31, 2014.  The local option sales tax was increased in Gadsden County to 1.5% effective January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2038.


14)  The format of the data that prints on the registration decal has been modified to fit better on the new decal paper.


15)  Biennial fees have been added to the E-Comm Transaction Detail Report and the E-Comm Transaction Summary Report.