July 31, 2008


TO:                  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:            Carl A. Ford, Director

                        Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:      Ordering of Departmental Forms


                        In order to implement some cost savings measures due to budget reductions and continue excellent customer service, the Division of Motor Vehicles is making some changes to the ordering of forms.


                        Beginning September 1, 2008, you will access most forms on the Division’s Intranet/Internet website.  This means that we will no longer send you forms that are available to be printed from the online source.


                        Exceptions are forms printed on secure paper.  You will continue to order secure forms using forms HSMV 83416, Request for Division of Motor Vehicle/ Vessel Forms. 

You may find other forms that are not available online, which you will need to order from DMV as well.  Those are the following:


                                                80010 – Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Licensing

                                                82013 – Certificate of Destruction

                                                82038 – Certificate of Repossession

                                                82041 – Application for Title/Vessel or Registration

                                                82497 – Notice or Discharge of Wrecker Operator Lien

                                                82820 – Labels Return for Motor Vehicle Titles and Registrations

                                                82994 – Motor Vehicle Dealer Title Reassignment Supplement

82995 – Motor Vehicle Dealer Power of Attorney/ Odometer



                        Thank you for your help in the matter.  If you have any questions, please contact your tax collector helpdesk representative.