September 28, 2007


TO:                              Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:                        Carl A. Ford, Director

                                    Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:                  October FRVIS Release


            The October Release was sent to all test sites on September 19, 2007.  The statewide release is scheduled for download the weekend of September 28, 2007. 


            Attached is a copy of the modification log which you should read over and familiarize yourselves with prior to the release.  The modification log is a tremendous help in understanding the changes in FRVIS. 


            If you encounter any problems related to the release, please check the FRVIS Release Issues Board to determine if the problem has already been reported, and if so, if there is a work-around.  If the problem is not on the log and you still have questions, please call your Help Desk Representative. 




















1)      The following five new specialty plates have been added to the system. Each plate charges a $25.00 specialty fee. The personalized configuration for Protect Florida Springs is 7 characters; the other plates are limited to 5 characters. Inventory for these plates will be available soon.


Correction Foundation (CFR, CFP, CFA)

Protect Florida Springs (PFR, PFP, PFA)

Support Our Troops (TSR, TSP, TSA)

Trees Are Cool (TCR, TCP, TCA)


2)      A new special plate, Gold Star Family, has been added to the system. These plates may be issued to autos, trucks with net weight up to 7,999 pounds, and recreational vehicles. Each qualifying household may have multiple Gold Star plates but only one plate may be exempted from registration fees. The customer must choose on which vehicle he wants to use the exemption. Use the reg-use of MI when registering the selected vehicle so the registration will be placed in class 037 and no registration fees will be charged.


3)      A new voluntary fee, Children’s Hearing Help Fund has been added to the voluntary contributions screen.


4)      Registrants with a specialty plate will now be allowed to authorize the release of their name and address to the sponsoring organizations of the specialty plate on their registration. Whenever a specialty plate is issued, the Release Authorization screen will be presented. Put a check in the box beside the name of each registrant who is authorizing the release. Remove the check if the customer previously authorized the release and no longer wishes to authorize the release. A Release Auth button has been added to the Registration Fees screen to allow you to add or remove the authorization during any transaction involving a specialty plate where the specialty plate was not being issued. Whenever a registrant has authorized the release of his name and address, the message, ADDRESS RELEASE AUTHORIZED, will be shown at the bottom of his registration. A checkbox, INFO RELEASE, has been added to the Specialty Plate Inquiry (made from the menu of the Customer Inquiry screen) so that you can see all the specialty plates where a customer currently has provided authorization.


5)      Date of tow will now be required when issuing a Certificate of Destruction if the tow type is either Public or Private.  Tow type and tow date will be displayed on a Title Inquiry, a Title History Inquiry,  a Wrecker Operator Lien Inquiry, and a Wrecker Operator Lien History Inquiry.


6)      When net weight is returned during the NMVTIS inquiry, it will be inserted into the vehicle details screen. During a title transaction, if the vehicle requires net weight in order to be registered, the system will provide a warning if net weight has been left blank.


7)      The Lien Maintenance transaction will now update NMVTIS. This transaction will now begin with the Title/Vehicle Query screen.


8)      An inquiry to NMVTIS has been added on the drop down menu from the Title/VIN Inquiry screen.


9)      A dealer’s license is active if it has a license status of ACTIVE or VRL Pending. Only a dealer with an active license should be selling and titling vehicles in Florida. However, sometimes even though the vehicle is sold when the dealer had an active license, the titling process doesn’t occur until after the license status has been changed to a non-active status. The system has been modified to compare the acquired by date to the date the status was changed on the dealer license. An error will only be returned if the acquired by date is after the date the license status was changed to a non-active status. If the dealer has an expired license, the system will compare the acquired date with the license expiration date.


10)  The system will now allow a Title Clerk in addition to a Supervisor to satisfy a Returned Title vehicle stop.


11)  During a Duplicate Title transaction, the system will no longer allow the use of the duplicate reason Lost in Transit (LT) if the transaction date is less than 20 days after the title issue date UNLESS an override authorization has been issued for the VIN.  LT can be used as the duplicate reason without an override authorization when the transaction date is 20-180 days after the title issue date.  LT can be used as the duplicate reason regardless of the number of days since the title was issued if there is a RETURN TITLE stop against the title.


12)  Any user will now be allowed to change the address of an individual who has been marked as a lienholder. Changing the address of a lienholder who is a business customer will continue to be restricted to users with a DMV role.


13)  The branch fee will no longer be charged on the Print Electronic title transaction even if the profile being used has the branch fee checked.



14)  ELECTRIC vehicles may now have a body of 2P, 4P, 6P, or 9P. The odometer status for electric vehicles has been corrected to allow EXEMPT to be entered.


15)  The conjunction between the first two owner names will now be displayed on the Title/Vehicle Query screen (the first screen on most title transactions) whenever the vehicle being inquired upon is titled in Florida.  This was added to assist users in verifying that all required signatures have been obtained before attempting the title transaction.


16)  In the Tax Due and Credit Manual the amount of tax for one month was incorrect for class 41 with GVW 5001 thru 5999. This amount has been corrected to $3.75.


17)  The design and configuration of the custom vehicle license plate have changed. The plate will have a left design and a maximum of 5 characters for a personalized configuration. The new configuration is VAA0A – VZZ9Z. Inventory for this plate will be available soon.


18)  The configuration on an expired personalized plate may not be reserved for a new customer until the day after one full year has passed since the plate expired. For example, if the plate with the configuration expired on Nov 1, 2006, the same configuration may not be reserved for a new customer until Nov 2, 2007. The system has been fixed to make this date calculation correctly.


19)  During a Replacement Registration transaction, when using a registration that had been cancelled for Insurance Purposes to issue a new plate to a vehicle that will be 30 years old before the registration expires, the system was not putting the registration into class 095 (Antique Cars.) This has been fixed.


20)  On the EOD Report Request screen, the system was not saving the number of requested copies of the National Guard Exemption Report. This has been fixed.


21)  When an expired registration was being transferred and the effective date of the registration was between the old expiration date on the registration and the transaction date, the system was calculating tax months incorrectly. This has been fixed.


22)  The Transaction Summary Report has been modified so that a barcode which contains the county/agency, report number and report date can be added to the report. This barcode will facilitate the document imaging process.


The new version of the report has been divided into 2 sections. A slightly modified version of the customary report is the first section (MLOFQ125). The second section (MLOFQ125A) will print portrait instead of landscape and will contain the new barcode. The Signature, Check Number/Wire Transfer, Amount, Control Number and Postmark fill-in date have been moved to this second section. The grand total amounts from the first section will be repeated in the second section. Both sections of the report will print when the Transaction Summary Report is selected from the EOD Report Request screen. When the Transaction Summary is selected from the General Reports Request screen, only the first section will be printed


When bundling your documents to send to DHSMV, put the Transaction Summary Report on top as usual. Rearrange the pages of the Transaction Summary report so the summary page with the barcode (MLOFQ125A) is on top. When placed in this manner, the page numbers will run consecutively.