July 20, 2007


TO:                  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:            Carl A. Ford, Director

                        Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:      July FRVIS Supplemental Release


            The July Supplemental Release was sent to all test sites on July 18, 2007.  The statewide release is scheduled for download the weekend of July 20, 2007.  Included in this release is programming to allow for the issuance of Custom Vehicle license plates.  These plates may be issued as soon as inventory is received in your office. 


            Attached is a copy of the modification log.  Please read over this information prior to receiving the release.  The modification log is a tremendous help in understanding the changes that were made to FRVIS. 


                        If you encounter any problems related to the release, please check the FRVIS Release Issues Board to determine if the problem has already been reported, and if so, if there is a work-around.  If the problem is not on the log and you still have questions, please call your Help Desk Representative. 

















1)      A modular home located in a mobile home park with 10 or more lots is now required to be registered.  Modular homes cannot be titled or issued a RP decal. A modular home must be created on the FRVIS system using vehicle type MH and the new body code of MD (modular home). The registration only reason must be ‘title not required’ (TN.) The DCA number assigned to the modular home should be used as the VIN.


2)      Custom Vehicle license plates are in the process of being created and will be available soon. These plates may be issued to a vehicle that is at least 25 years old AND has a year make of 1949 or later. They may also be issued to a vehicle that has been manufactured to resemble such a vehicle. Issuance of this plate requires a reg-use of CV (custom vehicle) and a license plate code of CUR or CUP.  The $3 Street Rod/Custom Processing Fee will be charged on registrations with this type of plate.


3)       When entering a customer’s address with a Canadian province as the state, the system was requiring a US zip code and not allowing you to enter a foreign postal code. This has been fixed.


4)      When using a profile with the owner id box checked, the system was failing to ask for the owner id if the transaction had been started with a VIN instead of a license plate number. This has been fixed.


5)      Unfortunately, prior to the June release it was possible to satisfy a Wrecker Operator lien (WOL) for one customer but leave the WOL against the other registrants on the vehicle. The June release corrected this issue but couldn’t handle the situation where a WOL had been satisfied against one registrant but left against a 2nd registrant. This has been fixed.


6)      Scan renewals were not working at sites using the new decal paper.  This has been fixed.


7)      An error causing a Wrecker Operator lien to print an unfilled 82041 has been fixed.


8)      When the renewal of a primary Parking Permit that had an associated subsequent parking permit was voided, the system was not restoring the old primary parking permit.  This error prevented a 2nd opportunity to renew the primary parking permit. This has been fixed.