January 23, 2006



TO: County Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents


FROM: Raymond B. Marsh

Information Systems Director


SUBJECT: Tax Collector Hardware Refresh Project




The Department and Hewlett Packard (HP) have begun the first phase of the Tax Collector Hardware Refresh Project, which will replace existing state-owned FRVIS equipment. We anticipate that the pilot offices will be installed in late February or early March with state-wide rollout beginning thirty days after the initiation of the pilot sites and completed in December 2006 or January 2007.


The hardware refresh will replace the existing FRVIS server, existing Compaq or HP workstations and Compaq monitors. For offices that issue driver licenses, the Dell server will not be replaced. The new workstations and monitors will be the HP DC7600 series convertible mini-tower workstations and HP L1706 17 inch TFT flat panel monitors. The workstation specifications are:


Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ processor with 800 MHZ Front Side Bus and 2MB of L2 Cache

80GB SATA 3.0 GB/s hard drive

1 GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 RAM

Integrated Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet

16X DVD +-RW Drive

Integrated Sound with Headphone and Microphone jacks in front panel
6 USB 2.0 slots in rear, 2 USB 2.0 slots in front

2 Serial ports on-board with 2 additional serial ports in PCI slot

1 Parallel Port

Windows XP Professional Edition operating system with latest DHSMV approved service packs


The Epson (DOT) impact printers, Datamax decal printers and HP Fast Title and HP 2100 Report printers will be replaced by the Samsung ML-3561 laser printer, which will be connected to the network. Due to contract obligations, the Datamax printer will remain after the installation and continue to print the decals until early 2007. For evaluation purposes, a small number of Samsung laser printers will be used to print the new decal/registration in the first year. Assuming the decal pilot is successful, in early 2007 the Samsung laser printers will be used to print the new decals and the Datamax printers will be discontinued.


The Samsung ML-3561 printer features the following:

  • Print speeds up to 35 ppm
  • 2x500 sheet paper trays
  • 1x100 sheet multipurpose tray
  • Check validation via multipurpose tray
  • 12,000 pages per cartridge yield.
  • Networked
  • Simple cartridge replacement and maintenance.


Mr. Todd Branch is the HP project manager. The HP project team will be contacting all agencies within the next few weeks to validate survey and logistic information for the upcoming installs. An installation schedule will be published in the next few weeks.

All installations will be performed over the weekends, starting on Friday morning of your scheduled installation date and be completed by Monday. The de-installation process will begin during business hours on Friday and the install team will do their best not to interfere with business operations. If the agency chooses to close early on the day of the refresh, the install team will begin de-installing the old equipment. The install team will need all of Saturday and Sunday to complete the de-installation of the old equipment and the installation of the new equipment. Up to 8 agencies will be installed each week. Below is a summary of the tasks that HP will perform as part of refresh process:


  • Contact the agency to verify site address, personnel information and other logistic information.
  • Arrive on-site to perform a site survey, typically 1 to 2 months prior to your scheduled installation date.
  • Schedule and complete all additional network cabling required for the Samsung laser printers.
  • On Friday morning when the equipment is delivered, will assist the delivery staff in unloading the hardware and verifying the quantities.
  • Deinstall the old equipment and install the new equipment.
  • On Monday, perform the final procedures, verify inventory, provide training on new equipment features, such as care and maintenance for the Samsung Laser Printers, and complete a Site Acceptance Form to confirm that the site is complete. This form must be signed by the agent in charge of the agency to allow the HP team to move on to the next site.
  • Remain at the site until it is deemed fully operational and is accepted as completed by the agency.
  • Box and prepare the old equipment for pickup; it will be picked up within 24 hours of site acceptance.


The new workstations will be imaged with the XP operating system, FRVIS, FDLIS, and the image capture components. Once the state image is ready, HP will distribute the image to Tax Collectors via a DVD. Tax Collectors can use this image to develop their own image for the new HP workstations. HP will also provide a method for Tax Collectors who wish to purchase a new HP workstation for development purposes using the state image.


As with past installations, if non-DHSMV software is operating on FRVIS workstations, the Tax Collector staff is responsible for the reinstallation of any non state-owned or managed software and/or hardware during or after the HP hardware refresh installation is complete. This includes hunting and fishing applications; cashiering applications, Q-Matic clients, terminal clients for Property Appraisal access such as Manatron and ACS, Microsoft Office, and any other non-state owned or supported applications or devices.


Additionally, HP will not be responsible for any non-state data or files on state-owned hardware. It is strongly recommended that all locally stored files be backed up or moved to removable media prior to the agency’s hardware refresh.


Attached are some questions that we have received and our answers. We hope this information assists you in planning for this important project. We plan to post project information on the DMV Intranet. If you have any questions, please email Sherry Allen at Allen.sherry@hsmv.state.fl.us. Once again, thank you for your continued support as we move forward on this project.



cc: Carl Ford


Tax Collector Hardware Refresh Project

Questions and Answers



1.         The drivers for the new laser printers will be Windows XP / Server 2003 certified, correct? Windows NT 4.0 drivers will not be used, correct?
We will use the Windows XP driver for the new printers. We will continue to use the same driver for the Datamax Printer (Decal) until we begin using the new decal print solution.


2.         Will the printers be attached to the network? If to the PC, they will use a USB connection, correct?
The printers will be attached to the network.


3.         The new FRVIS programs will be tested on a PC that is also running FDLIS and the Capture application, correct?


4.         The new FRVIS programs will be certified to run on PCs using Windows XP Service Pack 2, correct?


5.         How will the alignment of the new forms be accomplished on the new printers?
The new laser printers have 2 paper drawers and a manual feed tray. One of the drawers will hold 8 X 11 plain paper; the other drawer will hold the new decal paper. The manual feed tray will be used for check validation and Certificate of Destruction printing and the side paper guides should be sized to fit the document. The Title Certificate will continue to be a separate printer and paper will be placed in one of the paper drawers. The Certificate of Destruction will originally be programmed to print on the existing C of D preprinted paper stock. When it is time to replace this stock, we will use a new C of D stock without the preprinted data blocks and the FRVIS software will generate the print similar to the Title Certificate print method. All other forms will be printed on plain paper.


6.         How many laser printers will be provided per front counter workstation?
The number of laser printers for each office is based on the number of decal printers that the office currently has plus the number of title (laser) printers the office current has.


7.         Who will be providing the toner cartridges for the new laser printers?
The department will provide each office with the estimated toner cartridges required to print decals, titles, and other forms based on the office production of those forms last year with an incremental increase in volume annually. Any toner need by office above the allotment, must be purchased by the Tax Collector. The decal printers require custom 3M toner cartridges.


8.         What are the electrical requirements for the new laser printers?
100~127 VAC 50/60 Hz.


9.         Can fast titles be printed to these laser printers?
The title printers will use the same model laser printer but we will replace title printers with an additional laser printer since these are usually located away from the front desk for security purposes.