To:  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From:  Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject:  Voluntary Contribution for Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc.

Advisory  Date:          07/12/05                      Implementation Date: Immediately                         

Advisory Number:  R05-06


The passage of Senate Bill 1460 requires the department to provide an option for a voluntary contribution of $1 to the Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc.  The proposed implementation date for the computer programming is October 2005.  We are in the process of changing the motor vehicle registration renewal notices (printed by the department) to include this option starting with the October renewal month.


The counties that print their renewal notices or use a vendor to print their renewal notices, must provide a sample by August 15, 2005, to the department at the following address:


Division of Motor Vehicles

ATTN: Palmer Brand, MS# 68

Neil Kirkman Building

Tallahassee, Florida 32399


Any contributions received by the County for Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc., before October 2005, should be held by the county and entered as Miscellaneous Revenue when programming becomes available.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your Help Desk Representative.