To: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From: Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject: Mark Title Sold Transactions

Advisory Date: 08/12/04

Advisory Number: T04-08


Effective immediately, all "Mark Title Sold" transactions must include the purchaser's name and the actual date of the sale. This information must be entered into the "Comment Desc." field. The actual date of sale may differ from the date of the transaction. If the exact date of the sale is not known, enter as much of the date as you may have, such as: 07/03 or 2003. This may help in the future to validate that a motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel was sold prior to the vehicle, mobile home or vessel being towed, as the transaction date may be AFTER the date of the actual tow. Therefore, if it can be determined that the sale was prior to the date of tow, a wrecker operator's lien may be removed using this information along with an accurately completed form HSMV 82498, Notification of Dispute on a Wrecker Operator's Lien for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home or Vessel. DMV Procedure TL-52 has been updated to reflect these changes and has been posted on the department's website at:

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact your DMV Field Support Help Desk.