To: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From: Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification Exceptions

Advisory Date: 04/30/04

Advisory Number: T04-04


This technical advisory is to clarify when an application for title may be processed for a motor vehicle that has been repossessed and the proof of ownership being submitted is an out of state title showing an out of state lienholder. It has been determined that many of these motor vehicles have never been nor will never be physically located in the state of Florida. Therefore, these motor vehicles should not be titled in the state of Florida. They should be titled in the state where the motor vehicle is currently titled, unless the purchaser of the motor vehicle is a resident of the state of Florida, the out of state title shows a Florida lienholder, the motor vehicle was repossessed in the state of Florida or the motor vehicle is being sold through a Florida auction (see DMV Procedure TL-23).

Effective immediately, the vehicle identification number (for any repossessed motor vehicle with an out of state title showing an out of state lienholder) must be verified by one of the following ONLY:

NOTE: If the vehicle identification number (VIN) is verified by a Florida auction, the verification MUST be submitted on their letterhead stationery.

There has also been some confusion concerning the verification of the VIN when a certificate of destruction is being applied for and there is NOT a current Florida record. The vehicle identification number must be verified by a Florida law enforcement officer ONLY.

DMV Procedures TL-23, TL-10, TL-26 and TL-36 have been updated to include the change(s).

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your Help Desk Representative.