To: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From: Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject: New York MV-901

Advisory Date: 8/29/03

Implementation Date: Immediately

Advisory Number: T03-07

Currently, DMV Procedure, TL-23, Application for Certificate of Title for Repossession, lists two documents required when a vehicle titled in New York has been repossessed and is subsequently being titled in Florida. They are forms MV-901, Notice of Record and MV-950, Repossession Affidavit.

The State of New York DMV no longer issues form MV-901, Notice of Record, to participants of the Electronic Lien Transfer Program (ELT). They have instructed their ELT participants to visit their web site at for lien verification. The participant is instructed to click on the "On-Line Services" pushbutton, scroll down to "Title Status," enter the vehicle identification number, model year and make of the vehicle and the information will be returned.

Effective immediately, a certified copy of the Internet screen print from the State of New York DMV, will replace form MV-901 in repossession applications for ELT participants. If you have any reason to question the authenticity of the Internet screen print, please access the web site for verification.

DMV Procedure TL-23, Application for Certificate of Title for Repossession, will be updated to reflect this change in the near future. A copy of the letter from the New York DMV verifying the new program, the form MV-901 that is currently being used, and the Internet screen print that will be replacing form MV-901 is attached for your convenience.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact your DMV Field Support Help Desk at (850) 921-6987.