To: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From: Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject: Temporary Removal of Merge Customer Functionality

Advisory Date: 3/07/03

Implementation Date: 3/11/03

Advisory Number: R03-05

 Recently, we have experienced an increase in the number of "Merge Customer" transactions being processed throughout the state that have caused serious damage to customer records. The merges vary from companies merged into individuals or in some cases two completely different companies merged together. Listed below are some examples.

Target Customer

Source Customer

Title Records Damaged

Registration Records Damaged

Southtrust Bank N.A

Chase Auto Finance



Toyota Lease Trust

Chase Auto Finance



VT Inc As Tstee World Omni LT

Rafael Arias



Vault Nom (For GMAC or Colt, REG DLR)

Fidelio Gato



Mercantile Bank

Citrus Bank



After analyzing the data and consulting with managers of the employees who are processing these merges we believe the main problem occurs when a registration is submitted in the name of a leasing company who has opted not to allow their customer to be the registrant.

In many cases, utilizing the "Mail To" feature will resolve the issue. The "Mail To" feature will print the owner’s name in care of "c/o" the lessee’s name and address.

The "Mail To" feature is also available on title transactions when the title needs to be mailed to a different address. The information prints in the "Mail To" location on the certificate of title. This information also prints on the 82041 with the owner’s name, in care of "c/o" the name and address of the "Mail to" customer.

A few clerks are continuing to manually enter "c/o" or the percentage symbol (%) as part of the address instead of using the "Mail To" feature. The Department believes this partly contributes to the number of merges being processed. Clerks should NEVER use the percentage symbol (%) or "c/o" when creating addresses.

Due to the increase in incorrectly merged customers and the damage to vehicle and registration records, effective Tuesday, March 11, 2003, the Merge Customer Form will be temporarily removed from all roles. In order to perform a merge, the manager of an agency must contact the Help Desk and provide the merge information to a representative who will research the customer information and will either process the merge or give another solution to the transaction.

We anticipate that the Merge Customer functionality will be restored after a strategy has been adopted through consultation with the Tax Collectors' DHSMV Committee and the various county coalitions around the state.