April 9, 2003

TO: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies

FROM: Carl A. Ford, Director

Division of Motor Vehicles

SUBJECT: Counterfeit Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin for a Motor Vehicle

The Department has received a memo from the Florida Highway Patrol, concerning counterfeit manufacturer's certificates of origin being received by some of the license plate agencies in Florida (see attached sample). The following should alert you to the possibility of a counterfeit document:

1. The document will not have the manufacturer's logo or the name of the manufacturer printed on the document.

2. The word CERTIFICATE will be continuously repeated on the inside of the border.

3. The name of the distributor/dealer will be bogus as well as their address.

4. The vehicle identification number (VIN) on the MCO will not conform and will fail VIN edit.

NOTE: You may wish to execute a VIN check if you have access to VIN edit and the above listed factors apply to the document.

If any of these MCO's surface in your county or if you have any questions, please contact your Help Desk Representative or refer to DMV Procedure TL-56 for further information.