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FDLIS/FRVIS Release, Software Change

ID Number:  040-2011


Date:   10/07/2011

FDLIS/FRVIS Release  10.2011



The October FRVIS release went to all pilot sites on September 30, 2011.  The October FDLIS release will be sent to all pilot test sites on October 7, 2011.  The statewide release for both is scheduled October 14, 2011.







 Effective October 7, 2011, the Pilot release provides information on:

·         3rd Party Testing Results

·         CDL Medical Self-Certification

·         FDLIS Receipt Changes

·         Card Changes



 FDLIS Details:

3rd Party Testing Results

FDLIS retrieves and displays exam results from all 3rd Party Exams (On-line Road Rules and Road Sign exams, DELAP, Motorcycle Skill, CDL Skill and Class E Skill) completed on or after 07/01/2011.  If a customer states they completed a 3rd Party Exam prior to July 1, 2011, the results will be accessible through the current online Paperless Waiver System.  Members must select the ADLTS and new 3rd Party Exam buttons from the FDLIS Exam screen when completing an Exam Only or Driver License Issuance transaction.   FDLIS displays a View ADLTS Exams screen and/or a View 3rd Party Exams screen if results are found.  FDLIS displays message prompts if results are not found for the customer.

Members must select the ADLTS Exam button before selecting the 3rd Party Exam button or FDLIS displays a message prompt instructing members to check for ADLTS exams first.



Issuance: Class E Exams Screen













                                                                                  ADLTS Exams Button                             Third Party Exams Button

Select ADLTS Exams Button first.  The following message displays if members selects Third Party Exams before the ADLTS Exams.  

Check ADLTS before checking Third Party Exams.

 The ADLTS Exams process remains the same.  Click on the Third Party Exams when ADLTS Exams have been checked.

The following prompt displays if Third Party Exams are not checked. 

Please check third party system for exams.

FDLIS displays message prompt if exams are not found from Third Party Exams.

No Third Party Exams were found for this customer.

The View Third Party Exams screen appears when results are found.  Results can be found based on DL Number, Social Security Number, Alien Registration Number, Admissions Number or Name, Date of Birth, Sex.  Choose No Applicant Selected if the customer does not match the Third Party Applicant list.  Results display exams and waivers issued for Class E Road Rules or Road Signs, Class E, CDL and Motorcycle Skill exams.  





Duplicate records could appear and members would determine the correct record and click the box next to the correct customer.  Click OK after selecting the correct customer.

If exams were administered by an online provider FDLIS will prompt for the parent or guardian to confirm the following:

“Do you certify that the applicant was monitored during the administration of the online examination?”  If “Yes” is confirmed, FDLIS will continue with the issuance.  If “No” is confirmed, FDLIS will prompt the following message: “Applicant must be monitored when taking online examinations to ensure accurate and fair results.”  FDLIS will discontinue the transaction at this time.

View Third Party Applicants


Click inside box











All Third Party Exams display for the customer.  A unique waiver number is assigned for each passed exam type.  Members select only the Passed exam result needed for the class type being issued and then Click OK.  FDLIS will pre-fill the selected exam information.    


Only passed and active exams are available for selection


Failed exams are not available for selection.






Road Rules exam is not available due to a failed result. 


Road Signs exam results are available due to a passed result.




Issuance: Class E Exam Only

Only passed results are prefilled from the displayed View Third Party Exams but the total attempts are updated. 











The exams are no longer available for selection once updated in FDLIS.  The customer’s record continues to display in the 3rd Party Exam View but the following prompt appears when the same record is selected during another transaction and there is no new exam activity for the customer.  (The exams are not removed from the Paperless Waiver System and can be referenced later if needed.)





If exams were administered by an online provider FDLIS will prompt for the parent or guardian to confirm the following:




Original Issuance transactions will display the prompt from the Issuance: License Form.

Exam Only transaction will display the prompt when members select the OK button at the time of transaction update.

If “Yes” is confirmed, FDLIS will continue with the issuance and allow the record to update. If “No” is confirmed, FDLIS will display prompt with the following message:





The transaction is not updated and returns to issuance queue (for Exam Only) or record inquiry (for Original Issuance) when OK is selected.

New Third Party Online Retest Requirements

The Third Party Testing System for online testing will select every 40th road sign or road rule exam completed online (not the customer) for random retesting.   A retest exam requires the customer to pass an ADLTS Road Sign or Road Rule exam (whichever exam indicated for retest) before the issuance is allowed.  FDLIS will display a prompt at the Exam Screen if an exam is selected for retest.

Select Customer and click OK.











Prompt displays for Retest. Click OK.










The passed road rules exam type is set for retest.













Select Ok, if an Exam Only transaction is processed.  The exams can be updated and the ADLTS test can be administered.  Members should verify that all exam types are completed at the View Third Party Exams screen so the appropriate exams are administered. 

Select Cancel, if an Original Issuance transaction is processed.  FDLIS will not allow issuance until the exam selected for retest indicates a Pass and either pulled from ADLTS or a Pass is manually entered for exam type. 

Fees are not charged for a retest unless the customer fails the required ADLTS exam. 

Failed exams from the Third Party Exams are not chargeable in FDLIS unless the following situation occurs:

·       Uncollected fees for ADLTS exams and exam results found in Third Party Exams.  FDLIS calculates the fees by considering the Third Party Exams as the first attempt for each exam type and the ADLTS as the second attempt.

·       Failed exam results found in Third Party Exams and ADLTS exams required.  FDLIS calculate the fees by considering the Third Party Exams as the first attempt for each exam type and the ADLTS as the second attempt.

·       A void must be completed if a customer is selected in error from the Third Party Exam View and the results have been updated into FDLIS exams and the transaction is updated. If the transaction is not updated, members must cancel the transaction and begin a new transaction.    

CDL Medical Self-Certification

New Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations now require all CDL holders to certify with the State’s Driver License Agency or Tax Collector office that they fall into one of the four categories below prior to any issuance of a CDL.  Those certifying in non-excepted interstate or intrastate commerce must also ensure their medical documentation is on file with the state issuing agency and that it remains current.  Failure to present the required medical documentation will result in the denial of the issuance or renewal of the CDL license.  In addition, failure to maintain current medical documentation on file may result in CDL disqualification. 


(A) Non-excepted Interstate - I operate or expect to operate in interstate commerce and am required to maintain federal medical certification. (Medical Card Required)

 (B) Excepted Interstate - I operate or expect to operate in interstate commerce, but engage exclusively in operations that qualify me for an exception from the requirement to maintain federal medical certification.

 (C) Non-excepted Intrastate - I operate or expect to operate only in intrastate commerce and am required to meet State of Florida medical certification requirements. (Medical Card Required)

 (D) Excepted Intrastate - I operate or expect to operate only in intrastate commerce, but engage exclusively in operations that qualify me for an exception from State of Florida medical certification requirements.


CDL holders must certify in one of the four categories above.  If a CDL holder is neither employed or expect to be employed in interstate commerce they can no longer claim exemption from medical certification requirements.  If not specifically included in category B or D above, they must maintain their medical certification or downgrade to a non-commercial license.

Note:  If a customer self-certifies in a category exempt from medical certification requirements in category B or D and later changes to a non-exempt type of operation in category A or C, the customer must recertify and provide proof of valid medical certification, to avoid potential enforcement actions.

FDLIS Changes

FDLIS Issuance: License Form screen includes the CDL self-certification question.  The CDL Medical Certification form displays when a customer selects the Non-Excepted Interstate – Med Card Req or Non-Excepted Intrastate – Med Card Req certification. 















Non-Excepted Interstate-Med Card Req and Non-Excepted Intrastate-Med Card Req options display when “Yes” is selected for the question; Are you required by state or federal law to carry a medical card?


The CDL Medical Certification form opens when either the Non-Excepted Interstate-Med Card Req or Non-Excepted Intrastate-Med Card Req options are selected.


CDL Medical Record












The customer must provide a non-expired Medical Certificate (card) and enter the information as stated on the card presented in the CDL Medical Record form. 

If the Medical Certificate indicates “Accompanied by a waiver/exemption”, the customer must provide the FMCSA Medical Waiver and the Medical Waiver information must be entered. 

If the Medical Certificate indicates “Accompanied by a Skill Performance Evaluation certificate” (SPE) the Skill Performance Evaluation the customer must provide the SPE and the information must be entered.

The medical card must be scanned, as well as, an accompanying Medical Waiver and/or Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate if required.

New Medical Variance Restriction

The restriction, “V” – CDL Medical Variance means the customer is required to hold a Medical Card and has a Federal Waiver.

Upon entering a Medical Waiver and/or Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate as indicated on a Medical Certificate (card), FDLIS will apply a “V” restriction in the Restriction(s) field to be printed on the license.  The new restriction will read V = CDL Medical Variance.

When the V-CDL Medical Variance restriction is added:














The “V” – CDL Medical Variance restriction is required if the Medical Certification (card) indicates that the customer qualifies with the following restrictions:

  • Accompanied by a waiver/exemption customer must provide the waiver/exemption form.
  • Accompanied by Skill Performance Evaluation certificate (SPE) form the customer must provide the SPE form.
  • Accompanied by a waiver/exemption and Accompanied by Skill Performance Evaluation certificate (SPE) form the customer must provide both the medical waiver/exemption and the SPE form. 

The Medical Waiver and Skill Performance Evaluation fields are mandatory when these fields are selected under the Medical Restrictions.   FDLIS adds the “V” restriction when these fields are selected. The V restriction can be removed when the customer presents a new medical card that removes the restriction of a medical waiver and/or SPE requirements.  Members would enter the medical certification (card) information into the FDLIS CDL Medical Record during the transaction and FDLIS will remove the “V” restrictions when the medical restrictions are removed.   The medical card should be scanned whenever presented during an issuance or updating of certification.


FDLIS Receipts Changes

  • The customers CDL self-certification displays on the receipt.
  • TAX Collect fee changed to Service Fee.

Updating of Medical Certificate or Self-Certification Information

  • If a customer only needs updating of medical certificate or self-certification information; select CDL Replacement license and process as a no-fee transaction.  The $6.25 service fee may be collected.  This is a temporary procedure until future processes can be implemented.

Card Change

The following changes are printed on the card:

  • “V” - CDL Medical Variance


Direct any questions regarding the FDLIS pilot release to your next level of command. This information will be updated in the Driver License Operations Manual.








1)      Special characters such as * or # will be prevented from being entered in the unit number field during a registration transaction. This edit had previously only been applied during a title transaction.

2)      The brand Assembled from Parts will now be sent to NMVTIS as code 10 Reconstructed instead of code 07 Dismantled.

3)      The images for the registration decal for the following months have been resized to fit better within the boundaries of the decal: June 2012, October 2012, November 2013, and February 2014. 

4)      The following changes were made to the EFS application :

a.       Color will now be required.

b.      Changing odometer status will be restricted to follow the same rules that are applied by FRVIS.

c.       A VI dealer will no longer be able to title a vehicle as new.

d.      The brand of Taxi will be added when the vehicle use of Taxi is selected. The system was erroneously adding the brand of Police instead of Taxi.



1)      The following utilities were created to allow the business partners to make certain adjustments to records without any intervention from ISA:

a.       Populate Report Create date when that date is missing.

b.      Update plate expiration date on confidential registrations.

c.       Remove a title number from the Expedite Title table.

2)      Title transactions that do not modify fields recorded on NMVTIS will no longer be routinely sent to NMVTIS for update.  NMVTIS interpreted the transaction as an error when no field was modified so numerous errors were being added unnecessarily to the NMVTIS Application Error report.

3)      The DMV emblem has been removed from the mobile home installer license.

4)      Plates issued or recreated using the Confidential system will have a plate expiration date that is 114 months from the plate issue date instead of 54 months.

5)      The system will prevent the title of a law enforcement vehicle that has been made confidential from being transferred until the confidential status has been removed.

6)      Insert timestamp and CSP number have been added to the print of the Dealer Issuance Log Inquiry.

7)      The Charged Inquiry Dispute Process was added to FRVIS. This includes the following new menu items, Resolve Disputed Charge, Disputed Charges Inquiry, Disputed Reason Type, and Denied Reason Type.



1)      The Dealer License “Eligibility to Renew “ report will return an error when there are no licenses eligible to be renewed with the specified expiration date. Before, the system was printing the report with blank pages.



 If the problem is not on the log and you still have questions, please call your Field Support Center Help Desk Representative.