January 12, 2009


TO:                              Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:                        Carl A. Ford, Director

                                    Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:                   January 2009 FRVIS Release


            The department sent the January release to all test sites on January 12, 2009.  The statewide release is scheduled for download the weekend of January 24, 2009. 


            Attached is a copy of the modification log, which you should review and familiarize yourselves with prior to the release.  The modification log will help you understand the changes to FRVIS. 


            If you encounter any problems related to the release, please check the FRVIS Release Issues Board to determine if the problem has already been reported, and if so, if there is a work-around.  If the problem is not on the log and you still have questions, please call your Help Desk Representative. 


















1)      During the following transactions, the customer will be allowed to choose to have an electronic title as long as there is no lien against the vehicle: Original Title, Title Transfer, Title Modify, and Title Correction.  The system will ask, ‘Do you want this title retained as an Electronic title?’  In Fast Title agencies, this question will only be asked if the title print has been suppressed. Titles with non-ELT liens will always be paper; titles with ELT liens will always be electronic unless specifically requested by the bank to be converted to paper.


2)      In order to meet the requirements of the Real ID Act, the following requirements were added to the system. These requirements are only applied if some change is made to the customer’s address.    

a.       An individual will be required to have both a mailing address and a residence address. Residence address for business customers will continue to be optional.

b.      The mailing address and residence address for individual customers must be within the US or a US territory. Business customers may continue to have a foreign address for either the mailing or residence address.

c.       If an individual has a commercial driver license, his residence address must be within Florida.


3)      Multiple e-mail addresses can be added for a customer on the Address Maintenance screen in the Maintain Customer transaction. This same transaction can be used to change the status of an already recorded e-mail address to INACTIVE when the customer no longer wants the Department to use that e-mail address.


4)      On the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Report, an asterisk will appear next to the acquired date if the transaction date is within 60 days of the acquired date. Proof of HVUT compliance must be sent to the Department with this report for each vehicle shown on the report WITHOUT an asterisk.


5)      DHSMV now has the capability to prevent an agency from performing certain transactions if it has been determined that that agency is not in compliance with DMV procedures. If an agency is suspended for Misuse of TOP Issuance, users in that agency will no longer be able to perform any TOP transactions. If an agency is suspended for Non- Compliance with HVUT Regulations, that agency will not be allowed to complete a transaction for a vehicle where proof of HVUT is required. For example, when the agency is suspended for Non- Compliance with HVUT Regulations, that agency will receive an error and not be allowed to complete the transaction if it tries to renew a truck with GVW greater than 54, 999. However, that agency can continue to renew a truck with GVW less than 55,000 and all other vehicles that do not require proof of HVUT.


6)      The name of the Surrender LP Reg menu option was changed to Surrender LP/Cancel Registration. This transaction will now allow you to cancel a Mobile Home registration (as long as it does not have a Real Property decal). A cancelled registration will not appear on the next Delinquent Mobile Home file received by your county.


7)       The World Manufacturing Identifier (WMI) is a unique 3-6 character code assigned to each manufacturer of a motor vehicle. This code appears within the VIN (usually in the first 6 characters) of all the vehicles it manufactures.  In the next few months, the Dealer License section will be adding the WMI of many (but not all) manufacturers. If a WMI was entered for a manufacturer, it will be shown on the MAKE index screen beside the Make. The presence of the WMI should assist you in verifying the VIN/MAKE combination when titling or registering a vehicle.


8)      A barcode was added to the lien satisfaction portion of all titles printed in a Fast Title agency. This barcode will allow a scanner to be used to satisfy the lien when the lien satisfaction is returned to DHSMV. On titles without a lien, the barcode will allow the Department to add a Return Title stop through scanning whenever a mailed title is returned as undeliverable.


9)      Corrections were made to the expiration date assigned by the system for a TOP. If the TOP being issued is temporarily replacing an existing IRP registration (for TOP issue reasons of  Lost/Stolen Plate, Weight Increase, or IRP Transfer), the TOP expiration date will be the expiration date of the existing IRP registration or 60 days after the effective date of the TOP registration, whichever is shorter. If the TOP is being issued with TOP reason of Title Only, No Title/No Title Pending, or Straight Plate Registration, the TOP expiration date will always be 60 days after the effective date of the TOP registration.


10)  When a vehicle has been issued a TOP and has never been issued the IRP registration, the system will require an override code from the Bureau of Motor Carrier Services before allowing a regular registration (straight plate) to be processed.


11)  A message was added, under the IMPORTANT INFORMATION section of the registration, advising the customer to return his plate if his insurance gets cancelled in order to avoid having his driving privilege suspended.


12)  The error message NO MORE INVENTORY was modified to include the inventory code of the type of inventory that was depleted. For example, NO MORE GDC INVENTORY advises that the decal inventory is missing rather than the plate inventory that you were trying to issue.


13)  ETR vendors are no longer required to enter a net weight, GVW weight, BHP, CC, or length when creating the vehicle that is being issued the temporary plate. Also, any changes made by the ETR vendor to these fields on a registration created for an existing vehicle are not reflected on the database. Therefore, the FRVIS agency must take care to update these fields with the correct value when the vehicle is eventually titled and/or registered.


14)  The system will now cancel an ETR registration when a second ETR plate is issued to the same VIN.


15)  The format of the print on an Off Highway decal was slightly modified so it will fit within the borders of the decal.


16)  A lien against an Off Highway vehicle may now be reassigned.


17)  During the Issue Personalized transaction, the system was assigning the incorrect expiration date if the reservation had been made using a temporary plate AND biennial fees had been paid. This was corrected.


18)  When processing a biennial registration for a Street Rod or making a personalized reservation for a Street Rod, the system was failing to charge the $3 Street Rod Processing Fee. This was corrected.


19)  When processing a Registration Only for a motorcycle, the system was not allowing a TML plate to be issued if the registrant was under 21. This was corrected.


20)  The Correspondence on Demand transaction was being presented with the mail-to customer number and name already prefilled with the customer from the most recent title inquiry. This was corrected.


21)  Beginning January 1, 2009, the local option sales tax for Alachua County changed from .25% to .75%.