March 2, 2007


TO:                  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:            Carl A. Ford, Director

                        Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:      Status of a Dealer License



                        Several inquiries have been received by BFO Regional Offices from Tax Collector offices concerning the status of a dealer’s license.  Several dealers have also advised that they have been asked to provide a copy of their current dealer license to local Tax Collector offices to prove they have a valid license. 


                        Tax Collector personnel can determine the status of a dealer’s license by looking up that dealer in FRVIS.  To do so, please follow these steps:


                        DEALER LICENSE NUMBER


§         From FRVIS choose Miscellaneous, Inquiry – dealer license inquiry. 

§         Dealer License Inquiry screen should appear.  The cursor will default to “Type.”

§         Enter the type of dealer using the two letter designation for that type of dealership (VI, VF, etc.).

§         Then tab to the number blocks and enter the seven-digit number for that dealer, omitting the PIN.

§         Tab and the dealer record will appear.

§         The “License Status” block along the top row will provide the status of the dealer; e.g., Active, Cancelled, etc.

§         The effective date of that license and its expiration date are also listed approximately 2/3 down from the top. 







§         Go to Miscellaneous – Inquiry – Dealer License Query.

§         Tab, then spacebar – tab down to “Licensee” then spacebar.

§         Tab down to “Business Name.”

§         Enter name then perform a “wild card search.”

§         Scroll down (F8) to your choice, then “accept” (F3) – then tab (If no information appears, spacebar and try in “doing business as” or go back to “Licensee” and try again).  If information appears proceed to the next step.  

§         (F3) You are now back to the dealer license query and can access information. 





§         Enter name, then perform a “wild card search.”

§         Scroll down (F8) to your choice and then accept (F3).

§         You can now access the information. 


If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact your Help Desk Representative.