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2011 Legislation Affecting Traffic & Motor Vehicle Laws

The following is a summary of legislative changes related to traffic and motor vehicle laws that were enacted during the 2011 Legislative Session. Before any policy or operational decisions are made, the complete version of the law should be carefully reviewed. Complete copies of the bills may be obtained from the Department of State, the distribution offices of the Florida House and Senate, independent reporting agencies or the official website of the Florida Legislature at www.leg.state.fl.us. Please feel free to contact this office at 850-617-3195 if we can provide additional assistance.

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Ch. Law 2011-9 HB 4019 Traffic Offenses Effective 04/27/11

This section of law related to vehicles coasting on the highway is repealed.

Ch. Law 2011-166 HB 431 Voluntary Contributions Effective 07/01/11

A voluntary contribution is authorized on the driver license application form for the Disabled American Veterans.

Ch. Law 2011-186 HB 501 Choose Life License Plates Effective 07/01/11

The distribution of the annual use fee collected from the sale of Choose Life license plates is modified to accommodate those counties that do not have a recipient organization. Previously undistributed annual use fees are to be distributed to Choose Life, Inc.

Ch. Law 2011-85 HB 597 Public Records Effective 07/01/11

Any personal information furnished by a person to an agency for the purpose of being provided with emergency notification is exempt from public disclosure.

Ch. Law 2011-94 HB 1165 Driver Licenses Effective 07/01/11
322.14 & 322.051

Veterans are provided the opportunity to pay a fee of $1 to have a veteran designation added to their driver license or identification card after presenting proof of eligibility.

Ch. Law 2011-66 SB 2160 Department of Highway Safety Effective 07/01/11

The Division of Driver Licenses and the Division of Motor Vehicles are removed from statute and the Division of Motorist Services is created. The Office of Motor Carrier Compliance is transferred from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which includes all sworn personnel. Weigh station inspectors remain at the DOT.


The crash report requirements are updated to reflect current practices. The authorization for traffic record management centers is removed from statute. Fees related to the sale of crash reports are removed from this section of law and transferred to s. 321.23.


The Department of Highway Safety is authorized to sell crash reports online and share the associated revenue with the law enforcement agency investigating the crash.


The transition of driver license field offices to the tax collectors shall continue following the schedule outlined in the transition report of February 1, 2011. All driver license issuance services shall be assumed by the tax collectors who are constitutional officers by June 30, 2015.


The department may create exceptions for tax collectors who cannot provide full driver license services due to the small population in the county.


Beginning July 1, 2015 or upon completion of the transition of the driver license issuance services to the tax collector, the collector is authorized to retain $7 from a transaction resulting in the issuance of a replacement driver license and $9 from a transaction resulting in the issuance of a replacement identification card if issued by the collector.


The department is directed to contract for the outsourcing of the written driver license examinations. Minimum security measures are outlined in the legislation. Failure of the third-party provider to meet the minimum standards will result in their ineligibility to participate in the program for 1-year.

Section 31

The Law Enforcement Consolidation Task Force is created. The task force is required to evaluate any duplication of law enforcement functions throughout state government and report on their findings to the House and Senate by December 31, 2011.

Ch. Law 2011-205 HB 7209 Department of Agriculture & Con. Ser. Effective 07/01/11

The responsibility for distribution of the motor vehicle consumer rights pamphlet is transferred to the Department of Highway Safety.

Ch. Law 2011-142 SB 2156 Governmental Reorganization Effective 07/01/11

The distribution of the annual use fee for the Olympic license plate, professional sports teams plates and the NASCAR plate are modified to reflect organizational changes made in the bill.

Ch. Law 2011-72 HB 3 Assault or Battery of Law Enforcement Effective 10/01/11

The blue alert program is created to notify the public regarding an assault on a law enforcement officers or when a law enforcement officer is missing while in the line of duty and under certain circumstances.

Ch. Law 2011-80 HB 347 Vehicle Crashes Effective 10/01/11

A person arrested for leaving the scene of a crash resulting in the death of a person who has previously been convicted of certain enumerated violations shall be held in custody until brought before the court for admittance to bail in accordance with chapter 903.

Legislation Affecting Traffic And Motor Vehicle Laws

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