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Florida Financial Responsibility and Insurance Program

Implementation Procedures
Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law

TO:   All Fire and Property and Casualty Companies Authorized to Issue Motor Vehicle Policies in Florida

Florida Reporting Requirements Effective July 1, 2013:

Florida Statute 324.0221 requires that you report the cancellation or nonrenewal thereof to the department within 10 days after the processing date or effective date of each cancellation or nonrenewal, whichever is later. Additionally, the insurer shall report the issuance of the new policy to the department within 10 days. You are no longer required to report renewals of policies. If you report a renewal in XML format, please use transaction type 30

Latest Email Communications:

If you would like to be added to our email distribution list, please email FLHSMVInsuranceLiaison@flhsmv.gov.

Insurance Email Updates - Updated 09/15/2014

Effective April 15, 2013, all insurance data required to be filed pursuant to Section 324.0221(1)(a) Florida Statutes will be required to be reported to the department through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). (Please see page 5 and 6 of our Initial-Reload Requirements Manual for instructions.) The old FTP server will not be used after April 15, 2013. All files must be sent to the new Server as of April 15, 2013.

Any files placed on the old FTP Server up until 8:00 AM Monday April 15th, will be processed and your return file will be placed back on the old FTP server. We will leave the old server up for retrieval purposes only until Thursday at 5:00 PM EST. We will only pull from the new SFTP server after Monday April 15th.

Please see attached memo ‘March 11, 2013 – FR Redesign Project Delay’ for specific instructions.

It is imperative that you review our manual to clarify any questions that you may have before contacting us. Many of our responses point back to the manual. Please direct all redesign questions to FLHSMVInsuranceLiaison@flhsmv.gov. Please format your email specifically so that we can identify your company account and process accordingly.

  1. Username/Florida Code in the Subject; (i.e. 01234FTP)
  2. Stating in the body of the email if it is a reload or a daily process
  3. Stating clearly if the file is for test or production.
Note: Please notify us by email when you have placed a file in the TEST folder on the new SFTP server for processing. Emails sent to us by 1:00 PM e.s.t. should be processed on that business day. For all email notifications sent afterwards, your files will be processed on the next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

See frequently asked questions FAQ for more information about Redesign.

Reload Specifications:

We require that each company submit a reload test file as soon as possible, in either a flat file or XML format. This reload test will allow the department to perform a comparison with the insurance database to identify inconsistencies. You will receive a list of policies not found in the reload that are in active status on the insurance database. From there, you can determine if they were cancelled, invalid, etc. You will also receive on the file, policies that are cancelled on our database that you show active on your reload file. You will need to determine if they were truly cancelled and/or recalled. These errors will need to be reconciled and can be done through daily reporting. Reload files in XML format must be submitted every year thereafter. Files in XML format of Flat File format for reloads and daily reporting will be accepted until further notice. The deadline for reporting in XML and submitting a reload to the Department will be set as soon as possible. Once all transaction types are finalized in XML format, the Department will provide all information needed and will allow a full three months for companies to program, test and implement the new requirements before total XML conversion.

Daily Specifications:


Legislative Changes Effective January 2013

Manuals and Bulletins Prior to July 2012

If you have any questions about the content of the manual, please contact us at FLHSMVInsuranceLiaison@flhsmv.gov.

Please let us know any technical problems you encounter.

The Department does not process electronic files on a State holiday; however, we will be able to receive any you send and will process them in the order they were received. For your records, the holiday schedule which lists all State Holidays. Note: In addition, Governor Scott has declared that state offices will be closed on Thursday, December 24, 2015.

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