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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Why were the fees changed?
Answer: The new fees were established in law by the 2009 Florida Legislature as a part of the annual budget development process for the state. The fees are not established or controlled by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the County Tax Collector, or your local tag agent.
Question: Who receives the fees for my driver license and motor vehicle transactions?
Answer:The money collected from fees is primarily used to fund the Department of Education (to teach Florida children), the Department of Transportation (to build roads and bridges) and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (to run the Florida Highway Patrol, Division of Driver Licenses and Division of Motor Vehicles). The majority of the additional moneys resulting from the fee increase will be returned to the State’s General Revenue Fund to be spent in accordance with the legislature’s approved spending plan for the state.
Question:Didn’t the State just raise these fees?
Answer: No. The majority of the fees have not been adjusted in many years. For example, original and renewal driver license costs (on an annual basis) have not increased since 1989 (20 years); the majority of motor vehicle registration fees have not increased since 1983 (26 years); and most title fees have not increased since 1985 (24 years).
Question: Does this mean the Florida’s new fees are the highest in the nation?
Answer: No. Florida’s new fees are comparable to many other state’s fees for similar services. For example: prior to the law change, base motor vehicle registration on a Honda Accord was $36.75 in Florida, as compared to $242 (Metro Atlanta), $75 (Texas), $78 (Illinois), $230 (California), or $84 (Michigan).

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